"You'll believe in magic again"

- Entertainment Weekly

You’ve just received the Mystery Perk!

While the mystery of how it TIES into an episode of season three is yet to be revealed… the mystery of how you TIE it is revealed below.

Hello and thank you for supporting our show by buying a Mystery Perk!

By now you know it’s a leather wrap bracelet, one that will hold special meaning in Season 3…  But you may not know how to put it on.

This video was made to help with that!

Let Paula Rhodes / Wendy Darling (who handmade each bracelet just for you) and Kyle Walters / Peter Pan show you the cast & crew’s favorite way to wear them (tho any way you like is welcome, we love creativity!).

*take the bracelet off of the post card

*locate the slip knots on the op end from the charm

*hold one of the double strands and one of the knots – pull. If it doesn’t move, keep holding the same knot but try the other strand. By pulling first one side, then the other knot and strand combo, you’ll be able to adult the length of the bracelet.

*We like to slide the knots until there is about 2 inches between them, wrap it around our wrist as many times as we can easily, then adjust the knots (using the aide of a friend, or our teeth in a pinch) until the loops are even and decently tight (but not too tight!) around our wrist.

*Voila! A layered leather wrap bracelet that holds a special meaning for any NPW or Peter Pan fan.

Thank you as always, and we can’t wait to see you back in Neverland!