"Refreshing take on a classic tale"

- Ms. in the Biz

How To Support NPW

Below are some great ways you can help support The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy.  Making a show is super expensive… so every dollar or hello helps us out!


Own Awesome NPW Merchandise

We have a bunch of totally righteous merchandise: tshirts, totes, posters, props from set, and more… over at our store… so much to adore…


Modcloth and Lootcrate and Shakey’s Pizza

Modcloth and Lootcrate are a couple of our totally awesome sponsors.  They donated props and clothing to the show (for both seasons one and two)… AND they gave us an affiliate link.  This essentially means that if you end up buying anything from them after having clicked our link (whether it was in the show or not) we will get a small percentage of the sales.  So if you’re getting school clothing or goodies for the holidays… remember to share the following links!

Modcloth – http://bit.ly/wendymod

Lootcrate – http://bit.ly/peterloot (and use code: NEWPETERWENDY for 10% off)

and while you’re at it… you could also tweet them and thank them for being a part of the show!


Follow Us

Our cast and crew is full of totally awesome and amazing people.  There’s a twitter list in the sidebar over yonder that you can subscribe to (or follow the member of) to show your support and connect with us.  Oh, or you could click this link.

Send us Fan Mail

Want to send us some postcards or fanmail?  Either to the whole team or someone specifically? Send it to:
New Peter Wendy
c/o Kyle Walters
PO Box 292131
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Tweet to Ellen

We have this dream of having our show be on Ellen.  So we would love if you tweeted at her to tell her how awesome this show is and how it deals with modern growing up in such a humorous and heartwarming and thought-provoking way.  Here she is on twitter! – @TheEllenShow.  Could you imagine her dancing to our theme song?!?!

CAST + CREW on Twitter