"You'll believe in magic again"

- Entertainment Weekly

Season One

"The Adventure Begins"

In the magical town of Neverland Ohio, Peter Pan, a late 20’s man-child cartoonist, is forced to face growing up or losing his long time crush, Wendy Darling, in this Romantic Comedy reimagining J.M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan.

Season Two


The fallout from Wendy leaving has led Peter, John, Michael, and Lily to forge new loves and new lives…all of which are in jeopardy when Jas HOOK returns to Neverland.

Season Three

"Growing Up"

In the third and final season of The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy, new loves blossom, old ones die, friendships are put to the test, and growing up no longer becomes a choice, but a necessity.

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