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Season Three Post Production and Indiegogo Perks

Posted on October 17, 2016 in News

Hi! Your friendly neighborhood Kyle guy here… and it’s Peter and Wendy update time!

You can hit me up on twitter if you have any questions or comments about this update!  www.twitter.com/thekylewalters


Whew!  ALL indiegogo perks (that are physical and needed to be mailed) … have been mailed!  YAY!  That means DVDs, tshirts, signed prints, mystery perks, all of those goodies you got are in the mail!  If you haven’t received them in a few weeks, just email us at newpeterwendy@gmail.com and we’ll figure it out.


I’m super excited about how Season Three is coming along.  To help keep costs down and get the season done as fast as (humanly) possible, it turns out that I’m doing the editing – though definitely with the help of Alex Parker (our Director of Photography) doing the color correcting and Rob Gokee returning to do this season’s musical score!  It’s shocking to me how many hours of love and care go into each minute of this show – but it’s all worth it!

I’m getting all of the feels, even in the edit room… so I can’t wait to share the season with you.  BUT below is a little bit of a sneak peek… some before and afters of the magic of Color Correction.

Plus the awkward faces of grabbing a random frame from a video…. and then deciding to share them with the world….

cc-beforeandafter-update-wendy cc-beforeandafter-update-peter


That’s all fine and dandy… but when do we get to watch the season?!?!?!?  Hold on to your fairies, we’ll announce the super awesome distribution plan/schedule in about a month or so.


Until next time, Neverlandians!