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Welcome to Neverland – Ep 3 – Brendan Bradley

Posted on September 3, 2014 in Hiatus Videos

During hiatus, we’ll still be releasing videos (probably at least once a week.) One of our “shows” is called “Welcome to Neverland!” We interview some cool, creative people who are making awesome web content. (if you like their stuff, you should totally become their fans!) And at the end we do a fun, youthful activity or craft with them. (If you feel so inclined to do the activity as well and share it with us… that’s EpicAwesomeSauce)

it’s like FollowFriday… for youtube!

Today we hang out with the awesome Brett Register, director of Frankenstein MD.

About this Episode

Today we welcome to Neverland, Ohio:
Brendan Bradley – http://twitter.com/brendanAbradley

Kyle Walters – http://twitter.com/TheKyleWalters
Paula Rhodes – http://twitter.com/paula_rhodes
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Special Thanks to:
Shakey’s Pizza for catering our shoot
Jenni Powell for filming – http://twitter.com/JenniPowell

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